Product information

Tap to Get Information

Interact with your customers, respond to their specific need for information, and communicate exclusive content to them wherever they are - your store, a reseller's store, their home, on the road.

Product authentication

Tap to Verify

Consumers cand check the authenticity of the products, using the smartphone, with just one tap.

Product distribution

Tap to reorder

You turn your products into digital distribution channels. So your customers can reorder products when they run out, wherever they are, by just tapping the empty package.

Customer loyalty

Tap to reward

You get a secure method to manage reward systems. You increase the number of customers enrolling in reward programs.

Customer feedback

Tap to engage socially or report about the product

You give the customer a convenient way to communicate her user experience with your product.

You get a new way to collect data about the offline product’s use.

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